iPhone X

Is there any way to hide the Home indicator on iPhone X?

Without a physical Home button, the iPhone X relies on a swipe up from the bottom of the screen for that functionality, and has a horizontal bar to remind you of it. Unfortunately it stays there in some apps and can be quite distracting, as it changes color to always be noticeable against the background unless the app developer has addressed the issue. So while in some apps it will fade or disappear altogether, like in YouTube, it is still clearly present in others.


How to get more battery life out of your iPhone X

How to improve battery life on iPhone X.

Battery life is a perennial concern for smartphone users as the technology always seems to be a step behind in delivering what each year's new hardware and software demand. The iPhone X, however, has a superb battery that easily lasts all day and more with moderate use. Even so, those who want more out of their batteries can go above and beyond the normal power-saving measures and tweak a few settings on iPhone X to get some more juice thanks to the handset's OLED display.


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