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How to turn off Control Center in iPhone apps

Control Center 3

Some apps and games on the iPhone and iPad require intense swiping near the edges of the screen. In some cases, these gestures can invoke the Control Center accidentally. Opening the Control Center within running apps can be convenient, but it can also get in the way of gaming or other activities. For iPhone and iPad users running into this problem, the Control Center can be switched off while apps are open.

Click here for help on customizing the buttons in Control Center.

How to monitor headphone sound levels on iPhone

iOS hearing

Apple device owners can monitor and track headphone sound levels with iOS 14 and later. These features work best with AirPods, since they have built-in microphones. Still, the iPhone does its best to estimate sound levels in decibels with other headphones in use. Quick real-time analysis of audio level can help prevent hearing damage from excessive volume.


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