How to monitor headphone sound levels on iPhone

iOS hearing

Apple device owners can monitor and track headphone sound levels with iOS 14 and later. These features work best with AirPods, since they have built-in microphones. Still, the iPhone does its best to estimate sound levels in decibels with other headphones in use. Quick real-time analysis of audio level can help prevent hearing damage from excessive volume.

In addition to real-time stats, iOS records long-term exposure to audio levels in the Health app. Stats for the past week and other time frames can be viewed. This history determines if your audio exposure levels are within safe limits over time.

Follow these steps to view headphone sound levels on iPhone and iPad:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Control Center
  2. iOS hearing 2
  3. Add Hearing to the Control Center
  4. iOS hearing 3
  5. While music is playing, open the Control Center and tap Hearing
  6. iOS hearing 4
  7. Real-time audio level in decibels is displayed
  8. iOS hearing 5
  9. Launch the Health app and scroll down to Headphone Audio Levels in the Summary tab
  10. iOS hearing 6
  11. Tap Headphone Audio Levels to see more data on audio levels
  12. More options can also be found in the Health app -> Browse tab -> Hearing