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How do I turn on low power mode in the Control Center?

Low power mode is a great way to save battery life, but in previous iOS versions it took several steps to get to it and turn it on via Settings. Now it's in the Control Center and easy to just turn on any time you expect to not be using your phone for a bit. First you need to add it to your Control Center if it isn't already there. Head to Settings -> Control Center -> Customize Controls and make sure "Low Power Mode" is in the "Include" section. If not, scroll down to the "More Controls" section and tap on the "+" next to Low Power Mode to add it.

How to preset volume levels for individual iPhone apps

VolumePanel iOS tweak

Setting the volume on iPhone is easy enough, especially with Control Center and physical buttons on the side. The only drawback to this simplicity is that volumes for different things are changed automatically. For example, playback volume can be adjusted when media is playing. Now the jailbreak tweak VolumePanel brings complete control to volume settings for multiple apps.

Customize the iPhone app switcher with Lylac

Lylac settings

The jailbreak tweak Lylac brings the app switcher and Control Center into one place for easy access to both. Like other tweaks of its type, fusing the two features of iOS into one place is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many feature additions and customization possibilities with Lylac. iPhone 6s users can even enjoy additional 3D Touch shortcuts to bring up recently used apps. Once installed, Lylac is configured in Settings.


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