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How do I add the Scan QR Code feature to my iPhone's Control Center?

While the iPhone camera will automatically pick up QR codes, iOS 12 adds a Control Center icon for a QR scanner that essentially just opens up the camera, so it is another shortcut that is seemingly unnecessary. Though the new shortcut is not needed, the scanner has also been updated to highlight any QR codes in view, letting you tap on the one you want to open. Add it to your Control Center like anything else - open Settings -> Control Center -> Customize Controls and tap the green "+" button next to Scan QR Code.

How to write notes from the iPhone lock screen

New note iOS

There are many ways to quickly access the Notes app. iPad owners with an Apple Pencil can simply touch the pencil to their screen to create a new note. While iPhone and iPod touch users don't have access to this trick, other options make it easy to write notes. iOS can even be configured to allow Notes access from the lock screen.

How to customize Control Center on your iOS device

Customize Controls iOS 11

Control Center is the main hub that controls the most useful features on your iOS device. You can use it to access important settings directly from your Home screen. It is a lot quicker than searching for features in the Settings app by allowing you to swipe up from the bottom of your display anywhere on your device to access a variety of easy to use controls. From Control Center you can toggle different features on and off, adjust controls, or even activate your screen recording feature.

How to zoom text quickly on iPhone

Large text Settings iOS

There are a few ways to increase font size on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. One of the quickest ways to increase and decrease text sizes is by using the Control Center. The Text Size widget provides a slider that works just like flashlight brightness or volume. The only difference is that iOS may pause for a few seconds while it's changing the text size.


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