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How to create a virtual home button on iPhone X

How to create a virtual Home button on iPhone X or any iPhone or iPad.

The first major difference every new iPhone X owner will notice is the lack of a physical Home button. Muscle memory will keep many people tapping a non-existent button, at least for a few days before they get used to swiping up. For those who prefer tapping a button, there is a work around - you can create a virtual Home button using iOS's Assistive Touch feature found in the Accessibility settings. Here's how to do it on iPhone or iPad:

How do I make an emergency SOS call from iPhone X?

You can make an Emergency SOS call on iPhone X the same way as before, by rapidly pressing the side button 5 times. To do this it must be enabled in Settings -> Emergency SOS, where you can toggle "Call with Side Button." It should be toggled on by default. You can also make an emergency call by pressing and holding the side button and either volume up or down until you see the power down screen appear. You will see a slider to make an Emergency SOS call.


How do I "double click" to download apps on iPhone X?

The flashing "double click" instruction has fooled many first-time iPhone X users, causing them to awkwardly start tapping the screen. What it is trying to tell you is to double click the side button, which will invoke Face ID to make sure you have permission to download apps. This is simply to avoid downloads due to accidentally tapping the "Get" button and then having Face ID automatically give permission to download because it sees you.



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