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iPhone X, Apple Watch make top 10 gadgets of 2017

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple is again receiving accolades for it products, in this case from TIME magazine. The recently launched iPhone X was included on two best of 2017 lists, with the Apple Watch Series 3 joining the party. When it comes to the top 10 gadgets of the year, the iPhone X took second place behind the Nintendo Switch. Apple Watch Series 3 landed in ninth place, thanks to its LTE support.

Apple approves iPhone X 'notch removal' apps

iPhone X Notch Remover app

The iPhone X display notch houses critical components used for Face ID, FaceTime and other features. This hasn't stopped people from loving or hating the design feature. Detractors have referred to the "horns" on the iPhone X, which comprise two halves of the status bar. For those who truly can't stand the notch, there is a solution that doesn't involve buying another phone.

Top 5 iPhone X problems, issues and complaints

iPhone X

Owners of the iPhone X have now had time with their new devices, and reviews are overwhelmingly positive. However, as with any fresh design there are things to get used to in the beginning. Not only this, but with Apple's manufacturers cranking out millions of units in a short space of time there are bound to be a few phones with issues. Here are the top five iPhone X problems reported by users, along with some fixes:

5 best cases for the iPhone X

Speck Presidio Clear iPhone X

New iPhone X owners may want to reconsider going caseless now that the smartphone has been deemed the “most breakable" Apple device ever released by warranty provider SquareTrade. The iPhone X has performed miserably in drop tests and it is the most expensive iPhone ever to repair. The OLED display on the iPhone X is much more costly to replace than the LCD screens found on previous models. Apple lists screen repair for the iPhone X at $279 and all other damage at $549. The iPhone 8 Plus is only $169 for screen repair and $399 for other damage, as a comparison.


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