Top 5 iPhone X problems, issues and complaints

iPhone X

Owners of the iPhone X have now had time with their new devices, and reviews are overwhelmingly positive. However, as with any fresh design there are things to get used to in the beginning. Not only this, but with Apple's manufacturers cranking out millions of units in a short space of time there are bound to be a few phones with issues. Here are the top five iPhone X problems reported by users, along with some fixes:

1. Green line appears on iPhone X display

The dreaded green line can appear vertically anywhere on the display. Affected users see lines of different brightness levels along the edge or middle of the screen that persist after reboot or using different apps. This is a hardware issue, and Apple is replacing the few iPhone X devices exhibiting this problem. Take advantage of Apple's legendary customer service and contact the company or visit the Apple Store for a warranty claim.

2. Crackling sound in iPhone X speaker

Another rare problem involves a static or buzzing noise coming from the front earpiece speaker when playing audio at high volume. The crackle happens with various types of audio. While a similar problem on the iPhone 8 was fixed via iOS software update, Apple has been replacing iPhone X units affected by this speaker issue. Contact Apple or visit the Apple Store for a warranty claim.

3. iPhone X suddenly not working in cold weather

Apple has promised an upcoming software fix for an issue where the iPhone X becomes unresponsive when exposed to cold weather. Some users noticed the touch screen stops responding for a couple of seconds after suddenly exposing the device to extreme cold. Apple issued a statement acknowledging the quirk and explained that a future software update will prevent this behavior.

4. Orange tinted screen on iPhone X

Why are colors on the iPhone X screen so warm? iPhone X users might be caught off guard by a yellow or orange tint, however this is actually by design. The True Tone display automatically adjusts display colors based on the surrounding environment. For those who prefer a bright blue screen, this feature can be turned off. Click here for instructions on how to disable True Tone on the iPhone X.

5. Face ID suddenly not working on iPhone X

Most iPhone X users are rightfully concerned about drop damage, as the device has an all-glass front and back. Add the components for the front facing TrueDepth camera to the mix, and any impact could result in problems. Reports of iPhone X devices being dropped and surviving without visible cracks in the glass are reassuring, until its discovered that Face ID is broken. These delicate parts are sensitive to impact, which is just one reason why AppleCare+ for iPhone X is a good idea. Interested owners can purchase an AppleCare+ plan to protect against accidental damage within 60 days of buying an iPhone X.


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