AppleCare+ for iPhone X is a good idea

iPhone X

Now that the iPhone X has arrived, so have questions about its repairability. Even when taking every precaution, accidents can happen. While the iPhone X boasts the strongest glass ever used in a smartphone, it's still glass. What happens if the iPhone X gets damaged by a drop? Apple has revealed out-of-pocket repair costs for its flagship iPhone, and these numbers should lead device owners to seriously consider an AppleCare+ plan.

Screen replacement: save $51

Replacement of the Super Retina OLED display on the iPhone X costs $279. Break the screen and it will cost $110-130 more than the same repair on an iPhone 8 / Plus screen. Compare this to the cost of AppleCare+ ($199) and the accidental screen damage fee of $29. With coverage the total cost comes to $228.

Other repairs: save $251

The iPhone X has a glass back and stainless steel chassis. Damage these, or any other part inside or outside of the device and the repair cost jumps to $549. Much like screen repairs, this cost surpasses similar repair prices on the iPhone 8 / Plus by $150-200. In this case, the math in favor of AppleCare+ is even clearer. With coverage, the cost of AppleCare+ ($199) plus the non-screen repair for $99 totals $298.

AppleCare+ covers up to two incidents of accidental damage, which means a second repair is an even better value, saving more cash over two out-of-pocket repairs. Here are some examples:

AppleCare+, $199 + Screen, $29 + Screen, $29 = $257 (normal cost $558)
AppleCare+, $199 + Screen, $29 + Other repair, $99 = $327 (normal cost $828)
AppleCare+, $199 + Other repair, $99 + Other repair, $99 = $397 (normal cost $1,098)

AppleCare+ for iPhone X

Of course, these repair "savings" with AppleCare+ only happen if the iPhone X is damaged during the two-year coverage period. Buying AppleCare+ for the device requires shelling out $199, and coverage must be started within 60 days of initial purchase. In addition to accidental damage coverage, AppleCare+ doubles the normal product warranty from one year to two.

For anyone who has experienced a smashed iPhone, AppleCare+ can save money, or at least provide some peace of mind. Factor in the increased repair costs for iPhone X, and coverage becomes even more appealing for those concerned about breaking their device.