Can I buy AppleCare+ coverage after I purchase my iPhone?

Recently purchased an iPhone but didn't pick up an AppleCare+ plan? You may still be able to get coverage for your device.

AppleCare+ iPhone

Looking to purchase AppleCare+ days or weeks after buying a new iPhone? Apple allows a 60 day window after the initial purchase to start AppleCare.

This means within 60 days of your iPhone purchase you can apply AppleCare+ coverage on your device. There are some requirements, however to verify the status of your iPhone:

  • Adding AppleCare+ online or over the phone requires verification of your serial number and allowing Apple to run a remote diagnostic on your device.
  • Adding AppleCare+ at an Apple Store requires proof of purchase and an inspection of the iPhone, to ensure it's still in new condition.
  • Check for eligibility directly on your iPhone under Settings -> General -> About -> AppleCare+ Coverage Available