How to get free replacement AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro

If your AirPods Pro are acting up, you may be able to get a free replacement pair directly from Apple. The company initiated its AirPods Pro service program to address sound issues experienced by some customers. The problems only occur in AirPods Pro manufactured prior to October 2020, and do not affect the charging cases at all.

The problem

Issues covered under the service plan include:

  • Crackling or static noise
  • Static noises can increase in loud places, on phone calls, or while exercising
  • Active noise cancellation not working properly
  • No bass frequencies or loud background noise when using Active Noise cancellation

The solution

There's no way to check your AirPods Pro serial number for coverage under the plan. Free service or replacement requires an inspection by Apple to confirm the issue with each AirPods Pro, and to verify eligibility for the program.

Support for these issues is covered for two years after the initial sale date of the AirPods Pro. The replacement program does not technically extend the warranty. There are several ways to start getting help with AirPods Pro audio problems: