Review: Totallee thin leather iPhone case

Totallee package

Totallee offers the thin leather iPhone case for the minimalist who still wants protection. Most people who dislike iPhone cases begrudgingly use one to prevent bumps and scratches. The arguments against a case range from aesthetics to size and weight. Some cases provide ample protection, however they can make accessing ports or using the iPhone a difficult experience. Totallee's solution is billed as the "thinnest leather case in the world", weighing just one tenth of an ounce (less than 3 grams).

First off, there's no branding on the totallee case, fitting the minimalist attitude nicely. The case itself comes in a reusable ziplock bag, which can come in handy for storage. When it comes to design, the case snaps directly onto the back of the iPhone and provides full access to buttons and ports.

Totallee slim case

Totallee achieves its extreme 0.02-inch (one half mm) profile with plastic. The lambskin leather component is only applied across the back of the case. In other words, don't expect machined buttons, microfiber and plush European leather like the Apple cases. But the tradeoff is an extreme reduction in weight and size. The leather on the totallee case adds some increased grip when holding the back of the iPhone.

Totallee power

Since the case provides cutouts for the iPhone buttons, nothing changes about how the buttons feel. Except the thickness of the totallee case practically matches the height of the buttons. This means the side buttons become flush when the case is installed. Some may consider this a feature, others may not like having to guess where the buttons are located. The design is definitely minimalist and smooth, it's just the functionality that will be a matter of personal preference.

Totallee Lightning
When it comes to protection, a minimalist case naturally provides minimal protection. Those who already ride bareback have accepted bumps, scuffs and scratches on their iPhones. The totallee case will prevent most of these, with total coverage across the back and sides of the device. The back is just barely thicker than the iPhone camera bump, which keeps the lens off of surfaces when the device is face up.
Totallee leather back

Don't look for this case to protect the screen when face down. The front edge of the totallee case is slightly lower than the display glass curve. It may go without saying, but dropping the iPhone from a significant height in the totallee case won't do the iPhone any favors. But this case is designed to be slim, not to compete with OtterBox.

The leather on the back is extremely thin and adds texture. While it's not clear how well this lambskin will wear over time, totallee offers a "hassle-free" two year warranty. Considering how light and thin this case is, two years of warranty coverage seems pretty solid.


Incredibly light and thin
Completely minimalist design


No screen protection
Minimal drop protection


Totallee has successfully created a case for iPhone owners who don't like cases. Some may argue the price ($29) feels high, however there is a two-year warranty and the back is real leather. For those who haven't eschewed cases altogether, the totallee is about as close as one can get to the naked iPhone look and feel while adding light protection.