Speck releases new line of cases for iPhone 6s and iPhone SE

Speck Spring Summer Collection

Accessory maker Speck has always been known for their colorful printed iPhone cases that not only look great but also offer top of the line protection. The company this month has released four new collections for spring and summer. The collections include Desert Canyon, Jungle Dream, Life Aquatic and a new line of CandyShell Inked options.

Speck’s in-house designers have drawn inspiration from the "spring/summer 2016 catwalks" and have sourced the hottest new color trends to release several new fashion forward cases for iPhone owners to show off while on vacation or just on a casual day. The Life Aquatic theme features delicate pastels and patterns to conjure up thoughts of "chilling on the beach sipping a cocktail," according to Speck.

Speck describes its Desert Canyon theme as "young and full of energy" modeled after athletic wear, while Jungle Dream includes "wild exotic patterns" based on exotic locations, such as Hawaii and the South Pacific.

The new Speck spring/summer collections fit Apple's latest iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus cases starting at $34.95. All of Speck's new iPhone 6/6s cases are available through speckproducts.com.

The new CandyShell Inked Luxury Edition cases feature a selection of "eye-catching designs" with Speck INKED technology. The new technology offers a "one-of-a kind 3D effect that almost seems to move" with metallic layers, digital prints and a matte finish. The Inked Luxury Edition are also available through speckproducts.com starting at around $35.

Last but not least, Speck has extended its CandyShell Clear, Inked, Card and other existing lines for Apple's newer and smaller iPhone SE. You can see the various iPhone SE collections here at a variety of affordable prices.

All of Speck's iPhone cases promise to offer "military-grade protection" and are certified to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G drop test standards. You can learn more about Speck and all its mobile phone accessories at speckproducts.com.