iOS Review: World War 2: Battle of Berlin [Tower Defense]

World War 2: Battle of Berlin

Ironhide Studio has set the bar so high with its Kingdom Rush franchise that it is really hard for me to give any new tower defense games a chance. Luckily I pushed forward with World War 2: Battle of Berlin and discovered that other developers besides Ironhide can make decent TD titles. If you're a fan of strategy war games then you'll want to give Battle of Berlin a spin.

Take better iOS photos with Top Camera 2

Top Camera 2 main menu

There are many third-party camera apps for iOS. While most users are happy with the stock iOS Camera app, developers can add many features to streamline the image capture process. Top Camera 2 from Lucky Clan revamps their long-running Top Camera app, and updates the interface for iOS 8 users. The new version integrates various shooting modes, filters, and editing functions for stills and video into one place.

Sketch Breaker makes Breakout fun again

Sketch Breaker

Sketch Breaker is a colorful, updated mobile version of Atari's classic arcade title Breakout. The object of the game is to remove color imps from your paintings by using a magic ball and paint paddle. What separates Sketch Breaker from other brick breaking games is the ability to draw your paddle anywhere on the screen.

Declutter your photo library and save space with Gallery Doctor for iOS

Gallery Doctor

There are a lot of apps on the Apple App Store that help you declutter your photo library, but most require that you to personally review every image before deletion. Gallery Doctor aims to speed up this process by automatically locating your bad photos so you can easily delete them. This is a great tool for iPhone and iPad users who snap a lot of photos, but don't have time to individually inspect each image.

iOS Game Review: Mean Girls: The Game

There's a new breed of Plastics trying to takeover North Shore by piecing together the Spring Fling Tiara, and it's your job to rally all the high school cliques to stop them. Welcome to Mean Girls: The Game, brought to you by the same developers who gave us RuPaul’s Drag Race: Dragopolis.

Mean Girls The Game iOS

Mean Girls for iOS is a tower defense title. If you have never played a TD game before, the basic goal is to stop waves of enemies from crossing a game board and getting to the final goal. You normally do this by placing towers along a path to blow up advancing armies, but in this game your job is to stop teenage girls by hitting them over the head with guitars and launching baseballs at them. Some people find tower defense games boring because you don't really control anything on the screen. You just just kind of sit around and watch your towers do all the work. The good thing about this game is it keeps you busy with trivia, and you really need to know a lot about Mean Girls the movie to do well.


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