Sketch Breaker makes Breakout fun again

Sketch Breaker

Sketch Breaker is a colorful, updated mobile version of Atari's classic arcade title Breakout. The object of the game is to remove color imps from your paintings by using a magic ball and paint paddle. What separates Sketch Breaker from other brick breaking games is the ability to draw your paddle anywhere on the screen.

At the beginning of each level one or more color imps will embed themselves in a painting. Each imp has its own unique ability, such as multiball, and freeing them will activate their special powers. You do this by using your finger to aim and launch your magic ball at the painting. Once the ball is launched you can then draw a paddle anywhere on the painting to keep it from disappearing at the bottom of the screen. The game includes coins to collect, power-ups, lots of exploding paint and a party mode, which when activated makes it look like Rip Taylor has attacked your game.

Sketch Breaker is pretty easy to play until the dried paint shows up (level 13) but even then the game isn't that challenging, although there are 4 worlds with more than 100 levels so it may get harder near the end. And that's really the only complaint I have for this free-to-play game. IAPs include power ups and the ability to buy new balls if you don't feel like waiting for a timer to expire to earn more. You can also use in-game coins that you earn by playing the game to buy additional balls.

Sketch Breaker is pretty addictive and a fun twist on the brick breaking genre. The game is available for free on the App Store. It supports all devices running iOS 7.0 or later and works with older devices such as the iPhone 4s.