iOS Review: World War 2: Battle of Berlin [Tower Defense]

World War 2: Battle of Berlin

Ironhide Studio has set the bar so high with its Kingdom Rush franchise that it is really hard for me to give any new tower defense games a chance. Luckily I pushed forward with World War 2: Battle of Berlin and discovered that other developers besides Ironhide can make decent TD titles. If you're a fan of strategy war games then you'll want to give Battle of Berlin a spin.

Battle of Berlin is a free, ad supported tower defense title where players must defend 24 outposts against the advancing Russian army. Players are equipped with various turrets such as machine guns and ice bunkers, and a variety of bonus weapons like air strikes, dynamite and ice bombs. The goal of the game is to strategically place your weapons and use your "secret weapons" to stop the Russian army from taking Berlin.

Players can upgrade their weapons and buy additional secret weapons by spending in-game gold earned from playing the game or bought as IAPs. Players also need to earn fuel to advance to new levels or restart a level if they have failed. Fuel can be earned by watching ads or by waiting for a 2 minute timer for a refill. You can of course also buy more fuel with real world money. So far this hasn't affected my gameplay at all. I always seem to have enough fuel to play the next level or retry a level if I need to. I also like that the developers added the option to earn more fuel by watching commercials. This is much better than having to wait for stupid timers to play the game.

The gameplay of Battle of Berlin is like any standard tower defense title. Players can spend gears to place their defenses in a few predetermined spots to destroy waves of Russian soldiers who move along a set path. Players can earn more gears by blowing up their enemies. These gears can be used to place additional weapons or upgrade existing ones. A player wins when they defeat all the Russian waves without losing all their lives.

Battle of Berlin features 6 types of upgradeable towers, 24 military campaigns, 3 available power-ups and 16 types of enemies. You also get 1 hero who you can place anywhere on the gameboard to help stop your enemies.

The game is simple to learn, especially if you have played TD games before, and it includes a three star rating system which gives it replay value. Battle of Berlin is one of those rare freemium games that are not hindered by IAPs and timers. The ads can be a little annoying, but they are a fair price to pay for a decent free game.

World War 2: Battle of Berlin is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It supports all devices running iOS 8.0 or later, and it does work on older hardware such as the iPhone 4s.