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Add recent call lists to the iOS Notification Center

Recents tweak Cydia

Recents is a jailbreak tweak that places recent call information directly into the Notification Center. Normally iPhone owners must pull up the Phone app and tap Recents to see recent and missed calls. Recent FaceTime calls can also be viewed separately in the FaceTime app. Recents seeks to make viewing recent call information simpler and more convenient.

Jailbreak Tweak CallBar Updated for iOS 8

CallBar has been officially updated for iOS 8, bringing call management and multitasking to the latest Apple devices. The tweak was just recently updated for iOS 7 with a refined interface design. CallBar works with voice calling as well as FaceTime and FaceTime Audio calls.

iOS 8 jailbreak CallBar updated

A long press on the status bar is all it takes to bring up the CallBar. Calls can be initiated or managed while in progress, all without ever quitting or switching away from the current app being used. CallBar is directly integrated into the Notification Center.

CallBar Redesigned for iOS 7 and Notification Center

A major update to CallBar brings a complete redesign to the long-running jailbreak tweak. CallBar for iOS 7 makes multitasking while managing phone calls a breeze. The tweak is also fully compatible with FaceTime and FaceTime Audio calling.

iOS 7 jailbreak CallBar

When first installed, CallBar will be invoked by a long press on the status bar. Any Activator gesture can later be assigned to CallBar, to suit user preferences. When CallBar appears at the top of the display, the Notification Center is easily accessible by dragging down like normal.

Add Contacts to the iOS Home Screen with CallShortcut

The jailbreak tweak CallShortcut brings quick access to contacts directly to the home screen. With just one tap on a home screen icon iOS will start dialing the associated contact. Calling icons will be generated using the photos set in Contacts.

iOS 7 jailbreak contact icons

Setting up home screen shortcuts for contacts is straightforward. Once installed, CallShortcut adds a new option to the Contacts app. While viewing any contact, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Add to Home Screen, right under Add to Favorites.


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