How to unblock a number on iPhone

Unblock phone number 5

Blocking a phone number on iPhone makes it easy to avoid unwanted calls. But how can one begin accepting calls from a number that has already been blocked? Maybe you've buried the hatchet with an old enemy, or accidentally blocked your mother-in-law's phone number. Unblocking a contact on iPhone will restore incoming calls from that number immediately.

To remove a phone number from your iPhone's blocked list, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Phone
  2. Unblock phone number 1
  3. Choose Call Blocking & Identification
  4. Unblock phone number 2
  5. Tap the Edit button in the upper right corner
  6. Unblock phone number 3
  7. Tap the red minus (-) next to the number you wish to unblock
  8. Unblock phone number 4
  9. Confirm by touching Unblock. Then tap Done when finished unblocking numbers
  10. Unblock phone number 5

Once the block is reversed, the unblocked phone number will be permitted to contact your iPhone with incoming calls and messages.