What are Contact Posters on iPhone?

How can I make a Contact Poster on iPhone? What do Contact Posters do?

Contact Posters iOS

Contact Posters is a feature that allows iPhone owners to personalize the Caller ID displayed on someone else's iPhone. When iPhone owners are receiving a call, the caller's Contact Poster appears if both devices are running iOS 17 or later.

The Contact Poser screen can be customized using various options. iPhone users can choose a Portrait mode selfie, select different fonts and colors for their name, or use a Memoji instead of a real photo. This feature enhances caller identification between compatible iPhones, making it easier to recognize who is calling.

In a related feature, NameDrop enables iPhone owners to share a Contact Poster with another person by simply bringing two iPhones close together. incoming calls from Android users or those who do not set up a Contact Poster have a standard incoming call appearance.