What's coming in the iOS 14.4 update

iOS 14.4 RC

The release candidate for iOS 14.4 has arrived in developer's hands. This means the iPhone update could make its way to Apple device owners in just a few days. iOS 14 has already had several improvements and bug fixes issued by Apple. So what's in store for iOS 14.4?

For anyone experiencing keyboard lag on their iPhone, relief is in sight. iOS 14.4 contains a fix for this issue, as well as bug fixes for Messages and some problems with HDR photos on the iPhone 12 Pro.

There aren't any significant new features coming to iOS 14.4, however a few small tweaks are included. For example, the camera will be capable of recognizing smaller QR codes. Bluetooth devices can also be classified into different device types under Settings.

Changes in iOS 14.4

  • Categorize Bluetooth device types in Settings
  • Read smaller QR codes in Camera app
  • Fixes problems with HDR photos on iPhone 12 Pro
  • Notifies if camera in iPhone 12 models is not genuine Apple
  • Fixes keyboard delays
  • Corrects bug with audio stories resuming in CarPlay
  • Fixes lock screen call answering when Switch Control is on
  • Activity data updates in the Fitness widget
  • Keyboard uses correct language in Messages

As always, it is recommended to update your iPhone for security and optimum performance.