How to convert Pages files to Word files on iPhone, iPad and Mac

How to convert Pages files to Word, PDF, RTF or EPUB files on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Apple's productivity suite includes Pages for a word processor/desktop publishing app, along with Numbers (spreadsheet) and Keynote (presentation software). All are perfectly good programs, but the fact remains that Microsoft's productivity tools - Word, Excel and Powerpoint - dwarf them when it comes to market share. That being the case, chances are that you will want to send a Word file to somebody at some point, or edit and return one that is sent to you, so you will want to know how to convert your Pages files. Here's how to change them to Word files on your iPhone, iPad or Mac:

How to let Siri run your Shortcuts on iPhone and iPad

How to run shortcuts with Siri on iPhone and iPad.

Apple's Shortcuts app offers hundreds of pre-written algorithms designed to accomplish tasks that would normally take many steps in just one or a few steps. For example, the Home ETA shortcut uses Maps and Messages to find your location, find a route home, estimate the time that route takes and text that time to whoever you set up the shortcut to send it to, all with a single tap.

How to change your Apple Music playlists' cover art

How to change your Apple Music playlists cover art on iPhone and iPad.

Whenever you make a new playlist in Apple Music, it will by default use the cover art from the album that the first song in the playlist is from, or it will have the default music note as its cover. You can, however, change the cover art to a photo from your own collection. Giving your playlists custom cover art not only personalizes your collection, but can also help you identify the playlist you want with just a quick glance. Here's how to change your playlists' cover art on iPhone and iPad:

How to convert Numbers files to Excel on iPhone, iPad and Mac

How to convert Numbers files to Excel PDF or CSV on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Numbers is Apple's spreadsheet application that, along with Pages and Keynote, make up the iWork suite. Chances are that the vast majority of spreadsheets you encounter at work or elsewhere are going to be Microsoft Excel files. Opening an Excel file in Numbers will change it to a Numbers file, so if you make changes to it you will probably want to save it as an Excel file if you plan to pass it back to your Excel-using co-workers. This can be easily done on your iPhone, iPad and Mac, here's how:

iPhone and iPad

How to stop people from sharing your Instagram Stories as messages

How to stop your Instagram stories from being shared in messages on iPhone and iPad.

If you use Instagram you probably share your Stories with family and friends, and probably don't want them shared with people you don't know. Your friends and family, however, can share your stories with others as direct messages. If you have your account set to private it doesn't matter because only your followers will be able to view it, even if it is shared as a direct message.


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