How to track Santa Claus on your iPhone

How to track Santa Claus on iPhone and iPad.

It has been a longstanding Christmas tradition to track Santa's progress as he makes his way around the world, delivering gifts from his flying-reindeer powered sleigh. With the help of NORAD, local news stations have been tracking Santa for years now, much to the delight of children across the U.S. Of course now you don't have to wait for your local newscast to prove to your children that Santa is in fact on his way, and that they had better get to bed before he arrives. There are several ways to track the jolly fellow's progress right from your iPhone or iPad:

Best game controllers for Apple Arcade

SteelSeries Nimbus Apple TV

Apple Arcade offers unlimited access to over 100 titles with a free trial and monthly subscription. Most titles support the use of a gaming controller, which brings the Apple Arcade experience closer to that of dedicated gaming consoles. Even regular App Store games can be easier to play with a controller, instead of touching the screen or using the Apple TV remote.

How to make a Christmas card on your iPhone with Shutterfly

How to make Christmas and holiday cards on your iPhone and iPad with Shutterfly.

Having a Christmas card made with your family photos on it used to be a chore before the age of digital photography. Now you can take a few photos with your iPhone and use any one of the many photo publishing apps out there to arrange them on a card, add some decor and a message and have them mailed to friends and family. You can do this in just a few minutes right from your iPhone.

The best iPhone apps for making Christmas and holiday cards

Best iPhone and iPad apps for making Christmas and holiday cards.

'Tis the season for sending holiday greetings cards to friends and family, if that's something you do each year. Making a Christmas card with a photo of your family on it has gotten a whole lot easier over the years, in fact you can whip one up on your iPhone and have an order in for it to be printed and mailed to your friends and family in a matter of minutes. There are plenty of apps to get the job done, here are four popular ones that are worth checking out in the App Store, plus one that is just for sending decorated images via text, email or social media:

How to block "neighbor scam" calls on iPhone

How to block neighbor scam spam calls on iPhone.

Many readers are probably already (and unfortunately) familiar with "neighbor scam" calls, a popular tactic of fraudsters in which they spoof a phone number that has the same area code and prefix (the first six digits) as your own number. People are much more likely to pick up a call from a number that could be in their area, thinking that it could be a friend or a local service. It can be quite maddening to receive multiple calls of this sort on a daily basis, so how can you block them?


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