How to manually enter personal information for Safari's Autofill feature

How to manually enter personal information for Safari's Autofill feature

Apple's iCloud Keychain is more than a native password manager - it keeps track of credit card info, Wi-Fi passwords and personal information as well, which allows Safari to autofill login prompts and credit card forms for you, and lets your iPhone automatically join remembered Wi-Fi networks.

How to manage all of your passwords with 1Password

How to use 1Password password manager on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Since barely a day goes by without a news story of a major data breach or identity theft, everybody should know by now that online security is of utmost importance. Although password managers have been around for a while now, many of us still keep track of our login names and passwords in notebooks, on sticky notes, in text files or worse - use the same password for every online service we sign up for. This simply doesn't fly anymore, as your private data is too valuable not to be kept as securely as possible.

How to follow Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency prices in your Notification Center

How to add Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and other cryptocurrency prices to your Stocks app and Notification Center on iPhone and iPad.

Despite its recent woes, the cryptocurrency market isn't going to fade away; it will likely come under regulation and grow as adoption becomes widespread and scam coins are rooted out, though there probably won't be any more outrageous bubbles like that of December/January of 2017/2018. If you are a crypto investor or plan to put some money into the space, you will want to watch prices just as you would with any stock you own.

How to use Instagram's question sticker to poll your friends

How to use question stickers in Instagram on iPhone and iPad.

Posting in social media forums is all about getting feedback in the form of comments, questions, likes, thumbs up, up votes or even dislikes and thumbs down, just as long as there is some response. After all, what's the point of posting if your post is totally unacknowledged? Sometimes we throw posts up just as conversation starters, and what better way to start one than to simply ask your friends/followers to ask you questions?

How to join Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program and purchase an iPhone XS

iPhone Upgrade Program

Apple announced its new lineup of iPhone X devices on Wednesday, Sept. 12th at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. All 3 models are available at full price starting at $749 for the iPhone XR. Apple customers can also join the iPhone Upgrade Program through all 4 major carriers, and make monthly payments for all 3 devices. Here's how to join the upgrade program to pre-order an iPhone XS.



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