How to set Screen Time limits on individual apps on iPhone

How to use Screen Time limits on individual apps on iPhone and iPad.

Apple's Screen Time feature, which debuted with iOS 12, allows the user to set time limits on how long apps can be used, which is great if you have kids that use your phone incessantly, and useful as a reminder for yourself to focus on something other than your iPhone. The Screen Time App Limits section lets you add limits by categories such as "Games," "Entertainment," "Social Networking" and so on.

How to view your Safari reading list offline

How to use Safari's Reading List offline on iPhone and iPad.

The Reading List feature in Safari is a great way to set aside web pages to read later, rather than bookmarking each one or leaving a tab open for every article you want to peruse. Not only does it let you keep all of your to-read items in one place, but it lets you save them so you can read them offline as well. Obviously this is a useful feature for air travel or any time you might be in a remote location with poor connectivity. Here's how to use Safari's Reading List on iPhone and iPad:

How to listen to your Apple Music library offline

How to listen to Apple Music offline on iPhone and iPad.

Being able to stream your tunes through Apple Music is a great feature - you can listen to just about anything you want, anywhere, any time, without using up storage on your iPhone. It can, however, eat away at your cellular data, which can be a problem if you have a smaller data plan. You can avoid this by downloading songs (while you have a Wi-Fi connection of course) and making them available for offline listening. Even if you do have a high data limit this is still useful if you are going to be on a plane or somewhere remote with little or no connectivity.

How to create and customize a radio station on Apple Music

How to create and customize and Apple Music radio station on iPhone and iPad.

An alternative to making a playlist with all of your favorite songs is to create and curate a radio station that plays songs you like. Doing this will not only introduce you to some new music you might like, but it will add some variability to your tunes as well - with a playlist you know exactly what songs to expect, even with shuffle, but a radio station will always give you some new ones. Most music services offer this feature, including Apple Music. Here's how to create and customize a radio station in Apple Music on your iPhone:


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