How to check your iPhone or iPad warranty and AppleCare expiration in Settings

How to check your iPhone or iPad's warranty and AppleCare expiration in Settings

Apple's iPhones and iPads are covered by a one year limited warranty, starting on the purchase date. You have always been able to check how much time you have left by heading to and entering your iPhone's serial number. iOS 12.2 has made this process a whole lot easier by simply putting the warranty info (and AppleCare if you have it) right in your Settings. Here's how to find it on your iPhone or iPad:

How to have your Facebook page memorialized or deleted after you die

How to add a legacy contact and have your Facebook account deleted after you die.

Your data is unquestionably an asset in this day and age and just like your money and other physical assets, should be planned for in the event of your death. Aside from all of the personal information on your Facebook page, your friends will probably notice if you suddenly go silent, especially if you are an active user. That being the case, you probably want something to be done with your page once you have moved on, rather than leave an unmanned page and people wondering where you are. To avoid this, Facebook lets you have your page either memorialized by a "legacy contact" or deleted.

How to watch HBO, Showtime, Hulu, Netflix and more offline with PlayOn Cloud

How to watch HBO, Showtime, Hulu, Netflix and more offline with PlayOn Cloud on iPhone and iPad.

Instead of TV shows and movies consolidating under the umbrella of a single source as many of us once hoped for, there has been an explosion of original content from a plethora of sources that keeps us picking and choosing our subscriptions à la carte. Some of these providers let you download content to watch offline, some don't, and some charge extra for the service.

How to download YouTube videos to your iPhone to watch offline

How to download YouTube videos to your iPhone or iPad to watch offline

If you want to watch YouTube videos offline you need to sign up for YouTube Premium for $15.99/month, which is pretty steep if you just want to watch your typical YouTube content, not shows and movies. There is a way, however, to download content for offline viewing without subscribing to the premium service. You can do it with the Documents by Readdle app, which is a file manager and media player. Here's how to do it on iPhone and iPad:

How to request money with Venmo

The Venmo app is a digital wallet that makes sending cash to friends, family and even vendors easier than PayPal. Venmo links your account by your phone number, while PayPal uses your email. This allows Venmo to easily locate your friends and family using your device's built-in contacts, and typically makes searching for someone easier within the app. Venmo users are also assigned a QR code that other users can scan using their mobile device's camera. Many iOS users prefer the Venmo app over PayPal because it makes sending cash easier and quicker than having to fumble with clunky email addresses.


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