How to create a poll with iMessage

Create polls in Messages on iPhone

Getting everyone on the same page in a group message thread can be difficult. There are times when sending a quick poll to everyone right on your iPhone can help. Thanks to built-in apps in Messages, iOS device owners can easily create and distribute polls. Recipients send their vote directly via iMessage, without ever leaving the message thread.

Polls can even be configured to allow recipients to add answer options to an existing poll. Once the votes are tallied, Polls for iMessage can automatically declare a winner. Adding the app to Messages is completely free and unlimited.

Follow these steps to create a poll with iMessage on iPhone or iPad:

  1. Launch the Messages app and open a group thread. Tap the App Store icon above the keyboard
  2. Create an iMessage poll 1
  3. Search for "Polls for iMessage"
  4. Create an iMessage poll 2
  5. Tap GET to install the app
  6. Create an iMessage poll 3
  7. Tap the Polls for iMessage icon above the keyboard
  8. Create an iMessage poll 4
  9. Enter a title for your poll
  10. Create an iMessage poll 5
  11. Enter the first option, then tap + Create Another
  12. Create an iMessage poll 6
  13. Enter all of the options by repeating step 6, then tap Done
  14. Create an iMessage poll 7
  15. Preview the poll and adjust poll settings by choosing the gear icon in the corner. When finished, tap Send Poll
  16. Create an iMessage poll 8
  17. After the poll is sent, don't forget to cast your vote by tapping the poll and choosing an option
  18. Create an iMessage poll 9