How to fix broken Shortcuts on iPhone

Shortcuts iOS

Shortcuts are a convenient way to automate certain tasks on the iPhone and iPad. By combining different tasks into a shortcut, actions can be automated or performed with a single tap. Sometimes shortcuts stop working or a shortcut fails to run. Troubleshooting issues with shortcuts on iPhone can fix the problem, restoring a broken iOS shortcut.

Follow these guidelines and steps to fix a broken Shortcut on iPhone:

Restart the Shortcuts app

First try restarting the Shortcuts app. Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen (or double press the Home button) to show open apps. Drag the Shortcuts app up off the top of the screen to quit.

Navigate to the Shortcuts app icon on the Home Screen and re-launch the app. Try running the broken shortcut now that the Shortcuts app has been restarted.

Restart your iPhone

Restart the iPhone by turning it off and then turning it back on. Rebooting iOS can often fix problems including broken shortcuts. Once the iPhone has restarted try running the shortcut again.

Delete and reinstall the Shortcut

  1. Launch the Shortcuts app and tap the My Shortcuts tab
  2. Tap the Select button and choose the broken shortcut
  3. Tap Delete then confirm by tapping Delete Shortcut
  4. Restart the iPhone
  5. Once completed, reinstall the shortcut and try again

Allow untrusted shortcuts (iOS 14 and earlier)

  1. Shortcuts that are not from the official Gallery may require permission. Navigate to Settings -> Shortcuts
  2. Toggle Allow Untrusted Shortcuts -> ON (green switch)
  3. Confirm by tapping Allow
  4. Try running the shortcut now

Other things to check

Make sure the shortcut you are launching is intended to work from the place you are running it from. For example, some shortcuts are designed to run from certain places. If a shortcut is designed to work from a Share Sheet, then it may not operate when launched from the Shortcuts app.

You can test an official shortcut from the Shortcuts app -> Gallery tab. If the official shortcut runs, then the problem is with the broken shortcut and not your device or iOS.

Sometimes a shortcut is rendered useless because the service it connects with is closed. Make sure the shortcut is not referencing an outdated website or an app that is no longer available.