How can I turn off or restart my iPhone?

How can I turn off or restart my iPhone?

Simple. Hold down the sleep button on the side or top of the iPhone. A red slider will appear at the top of the screen that says "slide to power off." Slide this arrow to the right and the iPhone will power down in a few seconds.

After the iPhone is completely off, the sleep/wake button can be pressed to turn on the iPhone.

Sometimes your iPhone will freeze or force quitting an app fails to work. In this case, the iPhone can be forced to reset by following these instructions.


Thank you so much. This worked perfectly.

does not allow shut offf

I have a better way to fix this. Go to App Store, click downloads, and click the stop sign next to the app that is stuck. That should fix it, it worked for me.

Still did not work for me.

Thank you! This resolved the issue on my iPhone 6.

I'm having the same problem now. Any updates?

Thank you so much!! Resolved my issue.