How to add a flashlight button to the iPhone Home Screen

Flashlight Shortcut

There are many ways to turn on the built-in iPhone flashlight. One of the most convenient is to add the flashlight as a Back Tap action. Using the flashlight button in the Control Center is a widely known method, provided the controls appearing in Control Center are properly configured. Another advantage of using the Control Center is adjusting the flashlight brightness using a long press on the flashlight control button.

Yet another way to gain quick access to the flashlight is via Shortcuts. iOS Shortcuts make it possible to add actions to the Home Screen. You can add a custom icon to the Home Screen that will toggle the flashlight on and off with a single tap.

Follow these steps to toggle the flashlight directly from the Home Screen on iPhone:

  1. Launch the Shortcuts app
  2. From the My Shortcuts tab, tap the plus (+) button
  3. Flashlight Shortcut 1
  4. Search for Flashlight in the text field at the bottom of the screen
  5. Flashlight Shortcut 2
  6. Tap Set Flashlight
  7. Flashlight Shortcut 3
  8. Tap Turn then choose the Operation Toggle
  9. Flashlight Shortcut 4
  10. Enter a title for the new Shortcut and tap the blue details button next to the title
  11. Flashlight Shortcut 5
  12. Tap Add to Home Screen
  13. Flashlight Shortcut 6
  14. Enter a name for the Home Screen icon
  15. Flashlight Shortcut 7
  16. Tap the icon -> Choose Photo to change the icon image
  17. Flashlight Shortcut 8
  18. Tap the Add button to finish
  19. Flashlight Shortcut 9
  20. From now on, tap the Home Screen Shortcut to toggle the flashlight on / off
  21. Flashlight Shortcut 10