How to make your Wi-Fi address private on iPhone

How to use a private MAC address for Wi-Fi networks on iPhone and iPad.

Whenever you connect to a Wi-Fi network your iPhone identifies itself with its unique MAC address, which creates a privacy risk. Network operators and other observers could potentially track and profile a MAC address by associating it with network activity and location as it is used on public networks over time. To avoid this, Apple has included a new privacy feature in iOS 14 (and iPadOS 14 and watchOS 7) that lets you use a different unique MAC address for each network you connect to.

How to easily share your WiFi password between two iOS devices

There is nothing more annoying than being at a friend or family member's house and trying to enter their WiFi password only to mess up and have to try it all over again. That's even if they actually remember their password. Thankfully, joining someone's WiFi is a whole lot easier on your iPhone with iOS 11, and nobody has to mesmerize 20 random characters.


How to see all of your iPhone's stored Wi-Fi passwords

How to view your iPhone's stored Wi-Fi passwords on your Mac with Keychain Access.

Your iPhone automatically remembers Wi-Fi passwords and will automatically join known networks, unless you have that feature turned off. There are instances when you want to be able to see these stored Wi-Fi passwords so you can get on the network with other devices. Unfortunately there is no way to view your iPhone's remembered passwords on the phone itself. You can, however, use the Keychain Access application on your Mac to view your iPhone's stored Wi-Fi passwords. Here's how to do it:


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