Netflix Working on iPhone Application

Sure we've seen iPhone apps in the App Store that let us change our Netflix queue on the go. These are useful when someone brings up a movie you'd like to see, or you can't remember the details about that DVD you have sitting next to your TV.

How many times have you wanted to actually watch movies on your instant queue? Although the iPhone suffers from a small screen and non-removable battery, there are situations where you'd want to show a clip to a friend or even watch a whole film.

How do I connect to free AT&T iPhone Wi-Fi?

For those with iPhone contracts, AT&T offers free iPhone Wi-Fi at hotspots on their network. There are thousands of AT&T wireless Wi-Fi locations nationwide. Connecting is easy and will incur no charges on your wireless bill.

Start by searching for a local AT&T hotspot, or entering your local Starbucks (most locations provide AT&T Wi-Fi access). You can find a map of available AT&T Wi-Fi locations on the AT&T website.


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