How to fix Chromecast not found in Google Home app

Google Home can't find Chromecast

The Google Home app is used on iPhone to detect and set up smart home devices including the Google Chromecast. Older Chromecast models, such as the first generation may have trouble during setup. There are several steps you can take to help correct the problem, and find the Chromecast in the Google Home app.

To troubleshoot the setup process, make sure the Chromecast has a flashing white LED when plugged into the TV and a power source. Otherwise reboot the Chromecast, or factory reset it by holding the Chromecast button for 20 seconds.

HBO Go Adds Chromecast Support for iOS and Android Devices

HBO Go has joined the growing list of streaming properties available for Google's Chromecast. Users can now stream HBO content from their iOS or Android devices and web browsers. iOS users need to download the HBO Go app or upgrade to version 2.4.0 to start "casting" their favorite HBO shows or movies from their iPhone or iPad.


Chromecast allows users to stream content from all the important streaming services, like Hulu Plus, YouTube and Netflix, to their HDTV. The addition of HBO Go plus Chromecast's affordable price tag makes the streaming device a pretty tempting buy.

Hulu Plus Adds Chromecast Support for iPhone

Up until now only Android and iPad users could stream Hulu Plus using Google' s Chromecast, but today Hulu has added iPhone support. Chromecast allows users to stream movies, TV shows and music from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus to their HDTV. Current Hulu Plus subscribers can download the iOS app for free from the Apple App Store now, and start streaming through Chromecast from their iPhones today.

Chromecast for iPhone

Hulu Plus is $7.99 a month and gives you unlimited access to popular TV shows, movies and Hulu Originals. However, the service is still supported by commercials so Hulu can "reduce the monthly subscription price." Hulu Plus can also be viewed directly on your iPad, iPhone and Apple TV and supports the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Wii and Wii U.

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