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How to limit your child's Apple Arcade time and restrict games on iPhone

How to restrict and limit game play time on Apple Arcade on iPhone and iPad.

Apple Arcade is Apple's video game service that launched in the fall. A five dollar monthly subscription gets you access to tons of games, which can be quite addictive for youngsters and adults alike as we've seen with the recent Fortnite craze. If you don't want your kid playing games all day long or playing with other people online or making inn-app purchases, Screen Time will let you set these restrictions.

How to track iPhone and Mac screen time separately

How to track iPhone, iPad and Mac Screen Time separately.

Apple's Screen Time feature launched with iOS 12 as a tool to help track and limit time spent on specific apps or app genres, basically offering a way to help parents deal with excessive smartphone use by their children (and themselves). Catalina, the latest version of macOS now offers Screen Time as well, letting you track total time spent on an app whether it is on your Mac, iPhone or iPad. Your iPhone and Mac will both be set to share Screen Time data with your other devices, but you can turn that off if you want.

How to limit your child's communication with Screen Time

Screen Time iOS 13

Being able to track and limit your own iPhone usage is a great feature, but Apple's Screen Time lacks the right tools for parents to properly manage their children's usage. Instead of extending Screen Time to third-party apps so parents can set limits for individual apps, Apple has added "Communication Limits" in iOS 13. Parents can now control who their children can communicate with on their iOS device.

How to set Screen Time limits on individual apps on iPhone

How to use Screen Time limits on individual apps on iPhone and iPad.

Apple's Screen Time feature, which debuted with iOS 12, allows the user to set time limits on how long apps can be used, which is great if you have kids that use your phone incessantly, and useful as a reminder for yourself to focus on something other than your iPhone. The Screen Time App Limits section lets you add limits by categories such as "Games," "Entertainment," "Social Networking" and so on.

How to limit Fortnite and other apps on the iPhone and iPad

Screen Time

Apple really dropped the ball with its Screen Time feature. Instead of allowing users to limit time spent using an individual app or game, Screen Time only allows users to set daily time limits for app categories. This means parents can't limit how long their children play Fortnite or use Snapchat.

While Screen Time is very useful for monitoring how much you use your iPhone or iPad, it is pretty useless where it should have counted mos. Screen Time should have given iOS users the ability to limit time spent on individual apps/games, and the ability to set specific times when apps could be accessed, like after school hours. What's the point of knowing your screen time breakdown if you can't do much with that knowledge?


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