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How to limit your child's Apple Arcade time and restrict games on iPhone

How to restrict and limit game play time on Apple Arcade on iPhone and iPad.

Apple Arcade is Apple's video game service that launched in the fall. A five dollar monthly subscription gets you access to tons of games, which can be quite addictive for youngsters and adults alike as we've seen with the recent Fortnite craze. If you don't want your kid playing games all day long or playing with other people online or making inn-app purchases, Screen Time will let you set these restrictions.

How Game Center invites will work in iOS 10

Game Center iOS 10

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the removal of Game Center in iOS 10. If you didn't already know, Apple has removed the Game Center app from early betas, and according to the iOS 10 developer's changelog it is not coming back. This does not mean Game Center features, such as leaderboards, will no longer be available, they will just be handled within individual apps. Apple Insider has posted slides from a recent demonstration at WWDC 2016 explaing the way Game Center multiplayer invites will work in the future.

How to Disable Game Center Welcome Banner in iOS 7

Game Center may be the least used and most hated stock iOS app on Apple devices. Not only is it pretty useless, but the "Welcome back ..." banner which pops up every time you open an app has been known to interrupt game play. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any easy way to disable it, however, some users claim logging out of Game Center and canceling it four or five times will force it to go away. Here's how to log out of Game Center.

Disable Game Center Welcome Banner

1. Navigate to Settings > Game Center
2. Tap the "Apple ID" tab and select "Sign Out" from the pop up box

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