How to Disable Game Center Welcome Banner in iOS 7

Game Center may be the least used and most hated stock iOS app on Apple devices. Not only is it pretty useless, but the "Welcome back ..." banner which pops up every time you open an app has been known to interrupt game play. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any easy way to disable it, however, some users claim logging out of Game Center and canceling it four or five times will force it to go away. Here's how to log out of Game Center.

Disable Game Center Welcome Banner

1. Navigate to Settings > Game Center
2. Tap the "Apple ID" tab and select "Sign Out" from the pop up box

Disable Game Center Welcome Banner

Once you're logged out, the Game Center welcome banner will be replaced with an even more annoying login screen. This screen will stop appearing after your tap the "Cancel" option several times. This isn't the most scientific way to do it, but it does work. Also don't forget, some game options are not available when you're logged out of Game Center.

Disable Game Center Welcome Banner
Users with jailbroken devices can disable the welcome banner by using the jailbreak tweak DisableWelcomeBanner. This tweak can be found for free on the kinchan repo at You can click here for instructions on how to add a new repository to Cydia.

Let us know in the comments below or @iPhone_FAQ if any of these tricks worked for you


thanks it works for me. :)
I got IOS7.1
and I had to cancel 3 times the "more annoying login screen"

非常感谢,终于不用在看到那个烦人的“Welcome back”了。这个提示真是非常讨厌,每次都会挡住关键位置,简直烦透了。不明白号称”注重用户体验“的苹果,为什么不听听用户的声音。

I think I had to cancel the sign in 3 or 4 times before it stopped popping up. I never would have found this on my own without others saying it worked. Perhaps it also required turning notification style to none and/or disabling multiplayer games and notifications; but I had to slog through repeatedly canceling the sign in to get rid of the annoying welcome back banner. For now at least, it's not showint up in other games once I started Solitaire several times just to cancel out of the Game Center login.

The games I play are single player games for amusement, same concept as the games that shipped with Windows 3. There is no reason on God's green earth why I would want to connect to a network of other players.