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How to import your Chrome passwords into iCloud Keychain

How to import your Chrome passwords into iCloud Keychain.

The average person these days likely has many tens if not hundreds of username / password combos that are saved by (and even created by) Chrome or Safari. If you use both browsers you probably want Safari to be able to use the login info that you have stored in Chrome and vice-versa, because it can become a nuisance when you are trying to log into a service on Safari but you don't know the login because you originally created it with Chrome. Luckily macOS Catalina 10.15.4 (and above) lets you easily import your Chrome passwords to your iCloud KeyChain. Here's how to do it:

How to see saved passwords with Siri

Siri can find saved passwords

Siri continues to learn new tricks on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Not too long ago, Siri was unable to access any Settings or deliver some categories of information. Now Siri can find a saved password on your device in seconds. Safari and app passwords can be saved, which saves the effort of remembering and typing in a password when signing in to sites. Auto-fill can automatically enter the right password at the right time.

How to manage all of your passwords with 1Password

How to use 1Password password manager on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Since barely a day goes by without a news story of a major data breach or identity theft, everybody should know by now that online security is of utmost importance. Although password managers have been around for a while now, many of us still keep track of our login names and passwords in notebooks, on sticky notes, in text files or worse - use the same password for every online service we sign up for. This simply doesn't fly anymore, as your private data is too valuable not to be kept as securely as possible.

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