How to download Spotify music to Apple Watch

Spotify Apple Watch

Spotify Premium subscribers can travel with their favorite music offline and away from their iPhones. The Apple Watch can download up to 100 songs per playlist for offline listening directly from the Apple Watch. AirPods or Bluetooth headphones can be connected directly to Apple Watch, taking the paired iPhone out of the loop completely.

Listening to Spotify content offline from the Apple Watch is useful for various activities such as running or working outside, where Wi-Fi may not be available or cellular service is inadequate. To start listening to Spotify from your wrist offline, tracks must be downloaded to the Apple Watch.

Spotify can play content offline directly from Apple Watch on the Series 3 or later running watchOS 7.0 or newer. Downloading songs requires a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

Depending on your Apple Watch model, at least 10 hours of music can be downloaded from Spotify to your watch. Only Spotify Premium subscribers can listen to music offline. Follow these steps to store a local copy of songs or podcasts to Apple Watch from Spotify:
  1. Make sure the Spotify app is installed on Apple Watch: Launch the Watch app on your iPhone. Install Spotify from Available Apps
  2. Launch Spotify on iPhone
  3. Open a playlist or podcast to download
  4. Tap the More (...) button
  5. Tap Download to Apple Watch

Spotify says you can speed up the process of downloading playlists to Apple Watch with this trick. Turn off Bluetooth from the Settings app, and keep the Spotify app on Apple Watch open. This will force the download to take place via Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth.