Spotify gets real Apple Watch streaming

Spotify Apple Watch

Apple Watch users can now stream tunes from Spotify without the help of an iPhone. The Spotify app has added support for stand alone streaming over Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection. This means Spotify is truly untethered from its dependence on a paired iPhone.

Runners and other athletes who enjoy using the Apple Watch during workouts can stream Spotify music using AirPods or other wireless Bluetooth headphones. Apple Watch models supporting cellular data must have an active data plan with a carrier subscription. Otherwise, a Wi-Fi network can be used.

While the Spotify app was first released years ago for Apple Watch, this is the first time the service works without using an iPhone connection. Leaving the iPhone behind and listening to streaming music from almost anywhere brings the Apple Watch closer to being a stand alone device. Runners in particular won't have to carry around the extra hardware while listening on the go.

Spotify costs nothing to download and listening is free. Spotify Premium removes ads, brings more features and runs $9.99 per month after a free one-month trial period. Spotify is currently rolling out stand alone Apple Watch streaming, and continues to release updates and new features to its suite of apps.