Griffin Apple Watch Stand Now Available

Griffin WatchStand

iOS accessory maker Griffin Technology is now accepting orders for its Apple Watch stand. The sleek black tower stands at 3.15-inches and weighs only eighteen ounces. It features a built-in cradle to hold your magnetic charger so you can just lay your Watch down and let it charge.

Other features include a place to hide extra cable, a place to store your iPhone and a non-slip base. The Griffin WatchStand is available now for $29.99 at It is only available in black.

While Griffin has always been a trusted source in iPhone / iPad cases and charging docks, its Apple Watch stand falls short in the looks department. The stand resembles a cheap DVD rack from the 90s. The Apple Watch is more of a statement piece than necessity like a smartphone, and it deserves to complimented with accessories that more match its aesthetic. There are already more than a few Apple Watch stand options on the market, including the affordable plastic Spiegen charging stand, to the pricier hand carved stand from Pad & Quill. You can see a list of available Apple Watch stands with photos and brief descriptions here.