How to edit a workout in Apple Fitness


Sometimes Apple Watch prompts to record a workout automatically. While this feature can be helpful, if the user forgets to end the workout it leads to misleading data saved to the Fitness app. Other times a workout might be extended after recording has stopped, which leads to the question of how to manually edit a workout entry.

Don't look to the Fitness app for editing workout length. Workouts can only be viewed in the Fitness app. The only way to have control over workout data is through the Health app on iPhone.

Furthermore, workouts cannot be edited in the Health app. An erroneous workout can be deleted. And new workout data can be added manually to the Health app. This means to change an existing workout in Fitness, it must be deleted and manually recreated using the Health app.

How to delete a workout from Apple Fitness

Follow these steps to delete a workout from iPhone:
  1. Launch the Health app
  2. Tap the Browse tab
  3. Tap Activity -> Workouts -> Show All Data
  4. Show all workout activity data
  5. Tap Edit
  6. Choose the workout to delete, then confirm
  7. Delete workout iPhone
  8. The workout is removed from the Health app and Fitness app

How to manually add a workout to Fitness

  1. Launch the Health app
  2. Tap Activity -> Workouts -> Add Data
  3. Enter the new workout parameters and tap Add
  4. Manually add workout iPhone
  5. The workout is added to the Health app and Fitness app