How to add emojis to photos on iPhone

Add emoji to photos iPhone

Emojis are a fun and expressive way to add a personal touch to photos, and with the iPhone's built-in markup feature adding emojis to pictures is a snap. Whether you want to add a smiling face to a group photo, heart to a romantic shot, or a laughing emoji to a funny moment, this can be achieved directly in the Photos app.

How to download videos in Safari on iPhone

Download horse videos iPhone

Safari makes it possible to download videos from various websites and content providers. While the process is straightforward, it does take a few steps to land the video you're watching on Safari into the Photos app. Safari has its own Downloads tab, which by default sends videos, photos, and documents directly to the Files app. The Files app has its own Downloads folder and syncs saved files to iCloud.

How to disable Live Text on iPhone photos

Live Text iPhone Photos

The iPhone automatically recognizes text within images thanks to a feature dubbed Live Text. Photos that are captured in the Camera app or viewed from the Safari web browser are analyzed in real-time. Tapping on text from the Photos app, Camera, or an image in Safari delivers a pop-up menu with actions such as Copy, Look Up, and more. While this feature can be helpful in some circumstances, other times it may get in the way. For example, when focusing a photo a single tap on any text in the field of view can derail the process.

How to turn off Automatic Sharing in Messages on iPhone

Messages automatic sharing

For your convenience, iOS delivers content that's shared in Messages threads directly to apps on your iPhone. For example, photos sent using iMessage appear automatically under the For You tab in the Photos app. The Shared with You section shows all of the pictures sent with Messages, who they are from, and whether or not they've been saved to an album in the Photos app. Other types of content are automatically delivered to other apps, such as links in Safari.


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