How to add emojis to photos on iPhone

Add emoji to photos iPhone

Emojis are a fun and expressive way to add a personal touch to photos, and with the iPhone's built-in markup feature adding emojis to pictures is a snap. Whether you want to add a smiling face to a group photo, heart to a romantic shot, or a laughing emoji to a funny moment, this can be achieved directly in the Photos app.

How to edit PDF files on iPhone

iOS Files edit PDF

Need to edit a PDF on the go? Apple recently added a few light duty editing tools directly to the Files app. In addition to annotation, iOS users can rotate PDF pages, insert and delete pages, and even scan new content. Once edited, the PDF can be saved and shared. Files may not replace the capabilities of Adobe Acrobat, but it can be helpful in a pinch.

Make sure your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 15 or later. The PDF to edit must be stored in your Files app, either locally on your device or on the iCloud Drive. Follow these steps to edit PDF files on iPhone:

What does the rope/lasso tool do on the iPhone?

You may have noticed a a dotted rope in the Markup toolbar on your iPhone or iPad. This is Apple's "Lasso" tool and it allows you to move your markup on an image. For example, say you circled something on a photo and want to move that circle. Instead of deleting it, you can just select the Lasso tool, draw a circle around your circle, then use your finger to move it anywhere on the photo.


How to change the tip size of the iPhone markup tools


iOS 12 didn't deliver much on the side of features, but it did add the option to change the opacity and tip size of Apple's markup tools. In case you didn't know, your iPhone allows you to markup photos stored on your device. To do so you just need select a photo from the Photos app, then tap the Edit button, and finally tap the 3 dots in the bottom tool bar to bring up the Markup option.

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