Impossible Instant Lab Prints Polaroid-Like iPhone Photos

Engadget got an early preview of the Impossible Instant Lab at Photokina, which is taking place right now in Cologne, Germany. The folks behind the Impossible Project have raised over $400,000 via Kickstarter to manufacture their instant photo lab for the iPhone. According to the Kickstarter page, the Impossible Project crew "were crazy enough to buy the last Polaroid factory in order to save instant film for the future." They then set out to find a way to turn digital iPhone images into "true instant photos," and the Impossible Instant Lab was born!

iPhone Accessories

The Impossible Instant Lab is easy to use, you just take a picture using the Impossible app, extend the tower connected to Impossible Lab base, place the iPhone on the tray and the iPhone flash will let you know when the process is finished. The Impossible Instant Lab uses its built-in lens and light from the iPhone screen to expose an image from the iPhone onto film, which is then spit out by the rollers on the bottom.

How To Email Full Resolution Photos From Your iPhone

Did you know that when you email a photo from the camera roll on your iPhone, the resolution of the picture is automatically degraded to 800x600? This makes sense if you don't need to send anything at a higher quality resolution.

apple iphone 3.0 email

But what if you need to send the full resolution photo? The original iPhone and iPhone 3G both take photos at 1600x1200 resolution. The iPhone 3GS with its auto-focus camera takes photos at 2048x1536 resolution.


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