How do I hide a person in Photos' People album?

Photos will identify and group similar faces found in your iPhone's photos, whether they are a friend or a complete stranger in the background. If your People album has some unwanted entries, you can hide them simply by choosing "Select" in the top right corner of the People album, then tapping on the person you want to hide and selecting "Hide" at the bottom. The person will now show up in the hidden people section at the bottom, and you can choose to not show this section as well with the "Show less" option at the top of the section.


How do I identify / tag a person in Photos?

iOS 10's overhauled Photos app now identifies faces in your photos. Once you put a name to the face you will have an entry in your People album for pictures of that person, and you will be able to search for photos of them using their name. To give a person a name, tap on their photo, then tap on the "Details" button in the upper right corner. Scroll down until you see the "People" section, then tap on the photo again. Now you will see an option to "+ Add Name" in the top center. Tap on that and type in the name.


How to annotate your photos with iOS 10's Markup feature

How to use Markup on your photos in iOS 10.

Apple introduced its Markup feature in iOS 9, allowing the user to annotate email attachments with a suite of tools including a pen to add marks and notes with, a magnifier to highlight items and a text box for adding printed text. iOS 10 brings this feature to the Photos app, allowing you to annotate your photos. Here's how to use it on your iPhone or iPad:

1. Choose a picture you want to edit in the Photos app.

2. Tap the edit button to the left of the Trash button.

How do I see photo details in iOS 10?

iOS 10 has expanded photo details that you can view simply by swiping up on a photo or tapping the Details button in the upper right. If people are in the photo (and have been identified) it will tell you who they are and offer more pictures of them. It will show you a map of where the photo was taken and offer to show more photos taken nearby. You can also see other photos taken on the same day and you can view "related images," though currently it appears this algorithm needs some work.


Five essential iOS 10 shortcuts you need to know

CarPlay iOS 10 improvements

The more and more we learn about iOS 10, the clearer it becomes that this iOS is not necessarily a complete overhaul of iOS as we know it, but rather a sort of “greatest hits” collection of those little improvements that Apple fans have been requesting for some time.

However, that doesn’t mean that iOS 10 isn’t going to change the way you use your device. That’s especially true of the many new shortcuts that it will gift users with that will soon become second nature tricks that separate device masters from casual users.


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