What is the difference between My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library?

iCloud Photo Library vs. My Photo Stream.

While the ability to take quality photos has clearly become one of the most important features to smartphone users, the ease with which those photos are shared with friends, uploaded to the web and distributed across other devices has become a crucial ingredient as well. Apple sought to improve this aspect when it introduced iCloud Photo Library with iOS 8. At the time, rumor had it that Apple would do away with its existing service, My Photo Stream. The fact that this never happened and My Photo Stream is still alive and well has been the source of much confusion ever since.

How to create stills and duplicates of Live Photos in iOS 9.3

How to duplicate photos in iOS 9.3.

The new Nightshift mode stole the show with the recent release of iOS 9.3 and, after that, most attention focused on the new ability to password protect the Notes app. While those two were the main attraction, there were plenty of other smaller changes and additions including tweaks to News, Health and CarPlay.

5 reasons to update Apple TV to tvOS 9.2

tvOS 9.2 new features

Now that tvOS has been updated to version 9.2, fourth-generation Apple TV owners may be wondering what's included in the free update and whether they should install it or not. While there's nothing in the new firmware that dramatically changes the capabilities of Apple's set top box, tvOS 9.2 is certainly worthwhile. Apple TV fans should not hesitate to update as the features listed below are welcome improvements.

How to migrate an iPhoto library to Photos on OS X

Migrate iPhoto libraries

Photos has arrived with the 10.10.3 update to OS X. This means iPhoto users with multiple photo libraries will have to migrate over to the new app. If there is only one library present, Yosemite will automatically migrate this system library the first time Photos is opened. Just keep in mind that using iCloud Photo Library will result in all content automatically uploading to your iCloud account. So what if you have multiple iPhoto libraries to migrate? Follow these steps to migrate additional iPhoto libraries to the Photos app:

Add Functionality to Your iOS 8 Photos App With These 4 Free Extensions

The ability to add extensions to apps such as Photos and Safari is one of the new features of iOS 8 that everyone should take advantage of. In a nutshell, they let you add third party app features to your native apps so you don't have to waste time switching between apps. For example, you can add an extension from a photo editing app to your Photos app on your iPhone or iPad, and then access those editing tools directly from Photos. Below are a few free extendable apps for your Photos app. (If you aren't sure how to enable extensions you can find instructions here.)

1. Paper Camera

Paper Camera is a free app that lets you add a variety of filters to your photos and, with its extension, you can edit photos from within your Photos app with just a few taps. There are 14 filters to choose from including cartoon, sketch, neon, noir, comic book and halftone among others, and you can fine tune the contrast, brightness and lines on each. If you are so inclined, a $0.99 per month subscription will get you a new filter every month and half price print orders.

extensions for iOS 8 Photos


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