Apple adds Memories to Photos tutorial collection

Apple How to Shoot on iPhone 7

Apple continues to add tutorials to its video collection directed at iPhone photographers. From the basics to useful pro tips, there are now over 20 step-by-step instructional videos in How to shoot on iPhone 7. The latest additions showcase the Memories feature of the iOS Photos app. Memories was added with iOS 10, along with other highlights such as the People folder in Albums.

How to edit photo metadata on iPhone

How to edit and remove EXIF data on iPhone.

Photos taken with the iPhone, or any digital camera for that matter, contain a variety of metadata including EXIF data (camera related data such as aperture, exposure, lens, etc.), GPS data and timestamps. This data can be accessed by anyone you share the photo with, so it clearly raises privacy concerns, e.g. you post a photo of your house that includes GPS coordinates of where your house is. Unfortunately there are currently no tools native to iOS that can remove or edit this metadata, so third party apps are required.

How to rotate iPhone videos

How to rotate an iPhone video recording.

Anybody who has started a video recording with their iPhone or iPad and promptly decided to switch from portrait orientation to landscape (or vice-versa), has found upon replay that the orientation didn't change, resulting in the majority of the video being sideways. Even though everything looks fine during the recording process, it doesn't translate to the finished product - an issue that Apple perhaps will address at some point.

How to use the People folder in Photos

How to use Photos' People album in iOS 10.

iOS 10 brings several significant changes to the Photos app, including the addition of two new folders: People and Places. With its new facial and object recognition capabilities, Photos uses "Siri intelligence" to scan through your photos and tag them based on the content. This allows you to search for similar objects and people, so for example, you can now search your photos for, say, "car" and you should be presented with all of your photos containing cars (and likely a few that don't).

How do I turn off Holiday Events in Photos?

One of iOS 10's new additions to the Photos app is the Memories feature, which basically assembles photos into short videos based on time periods or locations. It will also create memories of holidays from your home country. If you don't want this for any reason, you can turn off this option by heading to Settings -> Photos & Camera and toggling off the "Show Holiday Events" option.



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