How to change your Gmail signature

Gmail offers a lot of interesting features such as Smart Replies, Undo Send and more, but it can be a bit confusing at times. Sometimes features work across different platforms and sometimes they don't. If you set up a personal signature on your laptop it will not appear in emails within the app and vice versa. You can also not see your signature while writing an email in the Gmail app, but you can on the desktop version. You will need to set up your signature separately within the app and at if you want it to appear while switching platforms. Here's how:

How to look up a forgotten Apple ID

Apple ID

Nothing is worse than forgetting an important password. Except maybe forgetting all of your sign in credentials completely. Without the email address associated with your Apple ID, the account cannot be accessed. The good news is Apple makes it possible to look up a lost Apple ID. In the worst case scenario, finding a forgotten Apple ID takes trial and error.

How to unpair Bluetooth devices from iPhone

iPhone Bluetooth

The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch remember Bluetooth devices forever after the first pairing. For iOS users with a long list of Bluetooth devices, it might be time for some house cleaning. Removing old or unused Bluetooth devices from Settings can reduce confusion and simplify your life. Once paired, a Bluetooth device can easily be removed.

How to add a Contact from a group message

Group Message

Sometimes you'll receive a group message that includes a person not listed in your Contacts. This person will be represented by a a stock icon instead of an icon image you assigned. You can easily add this person's personal information to your Contacts app from a group message in a few simple steps. Adding a person to your Contacts app makes it easier to locate their information in the future. It will also allow you to search your phone for that person, or use Siri to call or message that person at any time. Here's how to add a Contact to a group message:

How to see already purchased apps on iPhone

App Store purchases

The iOS App Store can be used to find an app that was previously installed on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Viewing a list of past app purchases makes it possible to quickly and easily reinstall an app. A collection of apps associated with one Apple ID can even be searched for a specific app owned by the account.


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