How to track step count on Apple Watch

Activity app

Apple Watch offers a wide variety of functions to Apple users, way beyond a simple pedometer or fitness band. That being said, sometimes the most useful activity data is also the most basic. There are times when tracking the distance walked, flights of steps climbed, or total steps helps achieve goals. Most step trackers are pre-set to encourage 10,000 steps per day.

All movement and workout tracking is achieved on Apple Watch using the Activity app. Apple has designed Activity with three rings, which can be closed each day. The rings represent movement (calories burned), exercise, and standing. The same data can be accessed on iPhone using the Fitness app.

Step count on Apple Watch

Access the daily or weekly step count on Apple Watch as follows:

  1. Launch the Activity app on Apple Watch
  2. Swipe down past the rings to Total Steps
  3. At the bottom tap Weekly Summary to see more stats

Step count on iPhone

  1. Launch the Fitness app on iPhone
  2. From the Summary tab look for Steps under Activity