How to find an iPhone from Apple Watch

Apple Watch SE

The fact that every Apple Watch pairs to an iPhone has its advantages. Besides constantly sharing connectivity and data between the two devices, this link can be helpful in certain situations. Finding a misplaced iPhone can often involve going to a computer or iPad to launch the Find My app. From there, the iPhone can be seen on a map or placed into Lost Mode.

Apple Watch owners can skip all of this and quickly ping a missing iPhone in the area. The Apple Watch sends a signal to a nearby paired iPhone which invokes a high pitched sound. The rear flash LED can also be turned on to help with finding a missing iPhone in a darkened room.

Follow these steps to locate a missing iPhone from Apple Watch:

  1. Swipe up to launch the Control Center on Apple Watch
  2. Tap the iPhone ping button
  3. Ping iPhone from Apple Watch
  4. The paired iPhone makes a sound
  5. Tap and hold the iPhone ping button to make the iPhone flashlight switch on