Family Sharing

How to share iCloud storage plans on iPhone


Thanks to Family Sharing, a single iCloud storage plan can be shared among family members. While each member of the group will have their own account, files and backups are stored to the same iCloud plan. For example, sharing a 200 GB iCloud+ plan between two people means one monthly bill for $2.99. The total storage space used by each person is added together and counts towards the limit of 200 GB.

How to hide App Store purchases on iPhone

How to hide App Store purchases and downloads on iPhone and iPad

If you have Family Sharing turned on, anybody in your family group will be able to see and use your app downloads and purchases. If you don't want your spouse to know that you frivolously spent money on a game, or that you have downloaded a cryptocurrency portal, you are in luck - you can individually hide your App Store downloads so other members can't see or use them. Here's how to do it on iPhone and iPad:

How to monitor your child's iPhone/iPad/iPod touch usage

Screen Time

A new tool introduced in iOS 12 called "Screen Time" allows iOS users to monitor their device usage. Screen Time creates detailed daily and weekly Activity Reports that reveal how much time you're using with different apps. The tool was created to "[empower] customers with insight into how they are spending time with apps and websites," according to Apple. The tool also allows parents to monitor and control their children's usage. Here's how:

How to Add an Additional Person to Apple Family Sharing

Family Sharing is one of the more useful new features found in iOS 8. It allows family members to share purchases made on the App Store and iTunes, and it also allows one person to control those purchases from a single credit card. You can set up the Family Sharing option by opening the App Store app after your first install iOS 8 and following the prompts, or you can go to Settings > iCloud > Family.

Add Family Member Family Sharing

Family Sharing allows you to add up to six devices to your account. You can add additional devices after the initial setup by also going to Settings > iCloud > Family from the master device. Once you're inside the Family settings, just tap "Add Family Member..." and enter a family member's name or email address.

Apple Announces New 'Family Sharing' Option in iOS 8

Apple has given parents more control over the App Store and iTunes by adding a "Family Sharing" option to iOS 8. The new feature allows up to six users to share App Store purchases such as songs, apps and games when using the same credit card. Families can also share photo streams, calendars and reminders without sharing their individual Apple IDs or passwords.

Family Sharing

Family Sharing gives moms and dads more parental control over purchases thanks to its "Ask Permission" feature. The credit card holder will receive a notification every time a member of the household attempts to purchase a new app or song on their iPhone or iPad. Parents will then have the choice to deny the purchase or review the media and approve the transaction. The new "Ask Permission" feature and the ability to disable in-app purchases are just two ways Apple is helping parents protect themselves from unwanted App Store and iTunes purchases showing up on their credit card bill.

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