How to share iCloud storage plans on iPhone


Thanks to Family Sharing, a single iCloud storage plan can be shared among family members. While each member of the group will have their own account, files and backups are stored to the same iCloud plan. For example, sharing a 200 GB iCloud+ plan between two people means one monthly bill for $2.99. The total storage space used by each person is added together and counts towards the limit of 200 GB.

If you already have Family Sharing configured on your iCloud account, then you are ready to start sharing iCloud+ storage. Choose the iCloud+ subscription with enough storage space for everyone using it, or upgrade to a larger plan. Once you are sharing a single plan, the existing personal iCloud+ subscriptions will come off your bill.

Family Sharing must be enabled

To share iCloud storage plans, Family Sharing must already be set up on your device. To set up Family Sharing and invite family members to join, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Your Name (Apple ID, iCloud+, Media & Purchases)
  2. Tap Family Sharing -> Set Up Your Family
  3. Follow the prompts and invite your family members

Once your family members have accepted the invitations, you can share any subscriptions including iCloud+ storage.

Share your iCloud storage with family members

Family members using the free 5GB storage plan are automatically added to your family plan.
  1. Navigate to Settings -> Family
  2. Tap Subscriptions -> iCloud+
  3. Follow the prompts to share your iCloud storage plan

Use another family member's iCloud storage

Follow these steps to join a family plan and stop paying for your own individual iCloud+ storage.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Family
  2. Tap Subscriptions -> iCloud+
  3. Choose Use Family Storage