How to use a memory card on iPhone

SD card reader iPhone

Using a memory card or thumb drive with iPhone is more convenient than ever. iOS can easily transfer files without any additional apps or software needed. The only thing that's required is a piece of hardware to connect to the Lightning port on iPhone. If you already have an SD card reader that connects via USB, this can be used with iPhone, too.

The stock Files app on iOS reads the memory card and offers the extended storage as a drive.

For those looking to make certain operations simpler, apps such as OWC Copy That can help quickly backup files or photos from iPhone. Transferring all pictures from your iPhone to an external memory card can free up storage on your device.

Here are two different ways to use a memory card on iPhone:

Lightning SD card reader

A one-piece solution directly connects the Lightning port on your iPhone to an SD card. Buying an adapter like the Lightning to SD/Micro Card Reader with Charging Port extends the iPhone by simply plugging in the accessory. Insert your favorite memory card and iOS will access it as an external drive.

Lightning to USB adapter

Already have an SD card reader? Something like the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter can connect the iPhone to any compatible USB accessory. Plug the memory card reader into the USB port and connect the adapter to the Lightning port.